Friday, December 2, 2011

The pressure is on

I opened the news letter from the daycare, and although I was prepared for some potential holiday activities, I wasn't quite prepared for the level of requirements that awaited. In December it is Nobel day and Lucia day. Nobel day seemed viable, the children simply needed to wear 'elegant clothes'. Zoe has several dresses that can, in the right light, look at least cute (still not sure how you make a chubby toddler look elegant). Lucia day was a bit more complicated: she needed to wear a Lucia dress and carry a little battery driven candle. I am all for traditions but the thought of having to buy a white dress that my daughter will wear for two hours, then shove it in the drawer until next year where I will take it out again, only to discover that it is now a miniskirt and it would offend all the teachers if I let her wear it, was just a bit draining. Plus, we are on a serious budget. How much sewing would such dress be in need of, I thought. I probably had an old sheet somewhere, I just didn't have a sewing machine here. But guess who has a sewing machine? My mom (who used to have her own designer store). One text, a phone call and a measuring tape from Zoe's shoulders to her feet later, I had a deal. My mom will make a long dress that I can possibly reuse because of its long hem and her creativity when it comes to adding edges next year. Sent by express mail. I already felt some of the mommy-pressure ease off my shoulders.

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