Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flooring surprise

The new floors drying
When we bought our new apartment we discussed if we should keep the floors their black color. I liked it but after Mark did a photoshop of the room with white floors we decided to redo them and get them white washed. After shopping for a decent flooring company, a nice guy named Micke went to check out the floors so he could give us a quote. Turns out the floors in the whole apartment (the whole apartment, except obviously the few square feet in the tiled bathroom) are sanded down to their last millimeters. This means that they will never be white. Instead Micke was able to cover it with a wonder-cover called hardwax that prevents the black oil smudging as it did before. It looks great unless you look at the kitchen part where the floor boards are pushing up in the lining, revealing the 0.5 millimeter of wood. More long term we will have to have them relayed. As in having put in new hardwood floors on 65 square meters (that is around 700 square feet). Wish we had known this before we bought the place so we could have used it as bargain leverage, but hey, you live and you learn.

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