Sunday, January 4, 2015


If anyone ever asked me advice on divorce or marriage, I would say Stay. Stay together. It's not worth it. Divorce is the most stupid thing anyone ever has invented, particularly in our modern society of fleeting relations and fleeting love. I used to say that people split up too easily and that people weren't willing to work enough on their relationship. I still think this more than ever. I think we didn't give our relationship the chance it deserved, but I guess I mostly think he didn't. I initially moved out because things weren't working at that time but I never wanted to be divorced and I never wanted not to be with him. But after three months he apparently didn't want to try anymore. I didn't believe him when he said that but should probably have listened. Because he was never the person who said that people don't work enough on their marriage, he was never the one who said people got divorced to easily. So there you go, I married a guy who didn't learn anything from me. I learned one thing: Trust no one.  

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