Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend trip to Copenhagen

This upcoming weekend I am taking Zoe to Copenhagen to see family and friends. I used to take the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen since it is convenient, relaxing, affordable and environment friendly but just the thought of having Zoe on a train for 5 hours makes me hyper-ventilate from stress. Instead I am taking a highly expensive fast train to the airport, standing in a long security queue, walking to the airplane to board and then, after flying for one hour, hopping on a train in the other end again. All in all, door to door, I am saving one hour compared to the train, but I am providing Zoe with plenty of entertainment in the shape of varied activities, modes of transportation and only an hour where she has to sit on my lap. I have taken small trips with her what feels like a million times before, yet, I am already starting to think it through. She is walking so much by herself now that I am wondering if I should let her walk more than carry her. I will still bring my Beco carrier, which recently turned out to be a lifesaver, just for the times where we need to get somewhere quick. Luckily she is one of those kids who do pretty much what I tell her to and rarely goes out of my sight, at least without looking back to see my approval. I am looking forward to see how she will be doing and will report back.

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