Friday, November 4, 2011

We got daycare!

We finally got daycare! After changing strategy and calling up the central daycare registration, telling them the story that we are now taking vacation days (something Swedes take pride in having many of, but which make little sense in my job as a researcher because if you take the day off, you just gotta do the work another day) to take care of Zoe, they finally managed to find a spot. Yesterday we went to visit the preschool as they call them here, and we filled in paperworks on the spot. It is two subway stations away from where we live now, but sort of on the way to work and it is an English speaking one. I didn't immediately take to some of the staff but the teacher in the Rabbit group where Zoe will be was sweet and she clearly also liked her. I am overly excited that Zoe finally gets to go and play with other kids, play with different toys (or any, she has something like 2 dolls, a sorting box and 10 books at home, the rest is on a container on the way through the Panama Canal) and get an actual regular daily life. We are not sure when she can start because it depends on the council's paperwork (doesn't everything?) but they will call Monday to let us know. As an optimistic precaution I have cancelled the babysitter for next week.

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