Monday, August 1, 2011

Preparing a trip

I usually start mentally preparing a trip, depending on length of travel and length of stay, 1 to 3 weeks ahead. This Wednesday I am traveling with Zoe and Mark up to the San Francisco Bay Area for a wedding and combining it with visiting friends and family, so we will be gone for 5 days and nights. What makes it especially complicated is that we are staying 4 different places, 2 of them being private homes and that we will combine car travel with public transportation. So far I have concluded that we need to bring the car seat (for the 10 minute journey in my aunt's car from the airport to her home) and the travel bed (for the nights in private homes of people without baby cribs). On the other hand we don't need to bring the stroller because Zoe still fits nicely into the Beco carrier and who would want to push her up and down San Francisco's streets anyway?  The flight itself will be 'interesting' since this is the first time Zoe can walk herself and I doubt she like to sit still for more than half the journey despite it being only an hour. So I am mentally preparing myself for challenging trip but at least this time we will be two to make sure Zoe is entertained.

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