Sunday, July 24, 2011

It only gets more difficult

From when a baby is 1 months, it actually only gets harder to fly with him or her, month by month. Now that Zoe was walking I am dreading the flight back to Europe in August. Last time she flew, she was 13 months and still just crawling, scooting and walking slowly with an adult holding both her hands, which meant that she was fairly okay sitting down for most of the trip. I took her for a few walks up and down the aisle, but she was mainly happy on my lap or on the seat next to me in the case the airline generously provided extra seat. Still, I longed back to when she could hardly sit up by herself and could not reach for the food, my water bottle and all the magazines in the seat pocket. She for some reason had particularly taken to the safety folder, which she would gnaw on for most of the trip. I didn't mind because it was always laminated, apart from all the scenes it generally depict which I am then forced to look at. I'm not worried she would get scared of flying but I am constantly reminded of the safety procedure when I take it out of her hands in exchange for food, water or the occasional hug. I don't really want to be reminded that I have to take off my heels before sliding down onto the ground when the plane is on fire, or that I have a life west under my seat. To make it even more explicit, Scandinavian Airlines are actually giving you an infant life west before take off, so you have one 'just in case'. Most other airlines rely on crew being able to hand them out in an emergency.

In any case, Zoe was not going to be satisfied with the laminated emergency pamphlet anymore (not that she really ever was but it seemed like it thinking back) and I would have to come up with more inventive entertainment. She was a flying toddler.

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