Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flybaby's aversion of planes

"I don't want to take the plan, I want to take the train", Zoe yelled and started crying. "Planes go 'booooom' and on the train you can watch television* all the way". Trying to hide my annoyance, I told her that the plane was much faster and that it was not going to go boom, and that she could watch television as soon as we had taken off. Fact was that I have paid 1300 kr (200$) for her ticket because I was coming back from Toronto via Copenhagen to pick her up and my own plane ticket was paid for. And I really just wanted to be home, after a crazy week of travel and conferencing, seeing people I hadn't seen for a year, drinking too much for my own good most nights and ignoring my emails for a week and a half. Flying it was and finally Zoe calmed down. In the taxi to the airport, she even cheered herself up: "Mommy, I remember one time we took the plane and I lay down and slept and I didn't even feel that it went boom". Yes, Zoe, you fall asleep immediately whenever we board a plane and sleep all the way through.

She was a darling for the rest of the trip and even got the security guy to pat her down by asking nicely since the priority section was virtually empty. When we got on the plane and sat down she said something funny. "Mom, we have never been on this plane before". I told her that we probably had, it was the usual Airbus 320 that always shuttled between Copenhagen and Stockholm and there was a big chance that we had been on this before. "No, Mom, we have not been on this one", she insisted. We took off and after she lay down on my lap and fell asleep I looked up and indeed saw something new: Instead of the no smoking sign next to the seatbelt sign there was a 'no electronic devices' sign. This was indeed one of SAS's new planes that I had heard they had acquired but not flown on before. Looking around, everything was new and shiny and I had to admit that Zoe's observation was entirely accurate. Once a flybaby, always a flybaby, no matter how much it says boom when we land.

*Zoe uses the danish word "fjernsyn", which is roughly television, about anything she can watch on her iPad, the only means of watching any video type things we have.

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