Monday, May 20, 2013

Zoe cannot sleep

Last Friday I had a migraine and lost 3 hours that I needed to grade exams. Sunday I therefore got a babysitter to come over and play with Zoe in the morning, but when the afternoon approached and she still hadn't taken a nap, I decided that we could both take one together. What is better than napping with your baby? Except we slept until 5 pm. After dinner and bath, I started putting Zoe to bed, a full hour later than usual, 8:30 pm. I rubbed her hair, I sang two good night songs and I finally just sat there staring at a little girl, staring back at me. "Zoe cannot sleep" she said. Very honestly. Okay, I said, let's go into mommy's room and see if you can sleep on the sofa. "Zoe cannot sleep", she said after an hour and now I was getting slightly desperate. I had two more hours of work to do before I could go to sleep myself. And I preferred if those two hours would fall before midnight rather than after. At 10pm I gave up. "Zoe can sit here while I work". I then went to the kitchen counter where I worked on my computer for a bit. I heard Zoe muzzling around and saw her push her high chair over to me. "Zoe sit here with mommy, while mommy works" she said and crawled up on the chair. She sat there, ate a rice cracker, waiting patiently until I was done working at 11pm and then she went to sleep in my bed. She probably couldn't have slept one minute before that. No naps for us on the weekends anymore.

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