Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years festivities

As someone with a small child new years parties are usually out of the question for me. The past three years (that includes when I was pregnant) I have completely skipped any festivities, and have actually been in bed before midnight one year. This year, however, I was the luckiest parent: I had babysitters (my parents) and a party to go to. The latter part being even more lucky since I have not lived in Denmark for over ten years and although I have three close friends here who have been very forgiving of my exile, I would not expect them to be able to include me in their new year plans. But it turned out that one of my friends were actually hosting a party, one where I knew other attendees through past social get-togethers and colleagues (said friend is also an old colleague). I ended up having a smashing time and a bit too much champagne for being a fit mother the next day. All I managed was to take Zoe into the living room where we watched old disney cartoons for three hours while I 'rested' my head. But it was worth it, this party definitely made up for the past three years of non-partying.

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